About Julie Lovegrove

Hi, I’m Julie.

I specialise in photographing females and in addition to fully clothed sophisticated portraits I have my own style of classic nude and boudoir photography. I love to create beautiful portraits that give a huge self confidence boost to my clients.

I do also photograph men and have no problem with nude shots.  Please note however that I will not photograph erotica or pornography so please don’t ask!

About Me

About 18 years ago I realised that I could take photographs that people wanted to buy! My husband thrust a professional camera into my hands at a wedding, and I just captured some lovely moments. After seeing the results of the day, coupled with the fact that the bride and groom loved them, I became hooked. Since that time I’ve photographed over 350 weddings, always starting the day with the bride whilst she is getting ready. I’ve also done numerous portrait shoots for women. I shoot with great sensitivity and do my best to put my clients at ease; having had three children gives me an understanding of how many hang ups we ladies have about our bodies!

I hope you like my style. Take a look at the various galleries, decide how much you would like to Reveal, then get in touch.

“From the second I came into contact with Julie, she made me feel at ease and excited about the prospect of stripping off! I felt totally confident in her ability to make me look great in these photos despite the lumps and bumps I was so self conscious about! I felt like a movie star the whole day.”

About You

‘About you’ may seem like a strange sub heading, but having a photo shoot of yourself feels a bit indulgent to many women.  You may have often liked the idea of having some beautiful, artistic, or boudoir photos taken, but never plucked up the courage, or allowed yourself to spend the money or time.

However, there is a well known saying – ‘It’s the things you don’t do that you regret, more than the things you do’. There’s often a reason why someone will finally make the decision to just go for it – such as the following:

You’re getting married and this would make a perfect and truly intimate gift for your future husband to unwrap on your wedding day

You have a ‘milestone’ birthday to mark.

Perhaps you want a very special; Birthday/Christmas/Valentines or Anniversary gift for your partner?

You may have recently lost some weight and are feeling great.

Blooming in pregnancy is often a fabulous time to capture your and nature’s beauty and you want a tasteful record of your amazing body.

You may have a very special evening dress or prom dress, or perhaps you just simply want to prove to yourself that you can look absolutely amazing.

Whatever the reason, you won’t regret doing it – now could just be the right time to contact me.